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A person who consistently turns up at scooterist related events and rallies, with no scooter.

They may well relate merry tales such as 'scooter is in the workshop/broken down/being done up/lent out', although the truth is, (even if they own a scooter at all) they have no intention of going to scooter events on a scooter as a car/van are more convenient and mean they can also fill the campsite with chav-tat such as generators/gazebos and BBQs.
They may use minor injuries (long ago healed) or family members/children as an excuse.
In the 80's for 6 months the scooter-excuse did a few local rallies on a scooter, then they disappeared for 20 years and here they are again -patches covering their flight jackets -none of which they have been to or ridden to- big on talk, small on content.

Opinion on anything technical/engineering should only be taken at your peril as they know less than a 16 year old on a twist and go.
by terry fuckwitt1 July 20, 2011
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