anyone from 12 to 25 who feels the need to take pics while flashing the peace sign, usually with the arm bent across the chest, trying to look 'gangsta'. an overtly outward attempt to cover for douchebaggery. for added effect will also turn hat side ways. can be certifed by asking them to spell 'ghetto' or by simply pointing a camera at them. actually flashing the sign in front of a real gang banger would get their ass kicked for being a poser. tend to 'represent' in great numbers on myspace by taking self portraits. usually outed on the dirty dot com.
when the photographer for the local '@night' website went trolling at the local skank holes, the scissor gang mafia was representin' in force every time he pointed the camera at someone!
by captain sarcastic October 16, 2009
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1.) Can be used to refer to trendy MTV aspiring suburban douche bags, who pose for pictures to be displayed on the internet by creating "scissors" with their fingers. The telltale sign of true SGM members has the "scissor" fingers usually accompanied with some type of bend in the elbow, a pouty or serious glare, and an air of poser which elicits a sense of physical and emotional disgust.
2) Abbreviated as SGM.
1) Anyone from the Real World/Road Rules Challenge or the "Gauntlet."
2) Justin Bobby from the Hills.
3) Anyone who attends State school and is a member of a fraternity or sorority.
4) Anyone who drinks beer which is worth less than the red cup it is served in.
5) Are you scissor gang mafia?
by Michael J. Waldren April 10, 2008
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