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A godawful place. The leaders of scientology claim to help you become a better, happier person, and rehablitate you, and a whole load of utter b.s. RPF is where you get sent if you disobey. You have to wear black boiler suits, no matter the weather, do degrading, physically demanding jobs and go through 'auditing'. You are allowed barely any sleep, and in bug infested beds. You have only thirty seconds to shower. They try to break you spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically, to do do whatever the hell they say. I pity the people who are scientoligists. They have been completley brainwashed. In rpf, if you do not get "rehabilitated", it gets worse. You might have to do it for years. You are not allowed to leave. There have been cases where people had not been allowed to see their familys at all. In RPF, you cannot have magazines, tvs, phones, newspaper, etc. Scientology is a cult and uttter bull, and the people running it are dispicable, horrible excuses for anything even remotely resembling anything humane.
Jack: Hey, remeber Jim from college? What happened to him? You guys are friends.
Arnold: Dude, he joined scientology. I have not heard from him in years. I think he really believes all that stuff about aliens and all. I think he might be be in scientology rpf.
Jack: NO!!!! People in that have died from exhaustion. WHY??!!
Arnold: I dont know, Dude, I dont know.
by onyx1 September 22, 2010
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