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A phrase that many Philadelphia Phillies fans use whenever one of their third basemen can't make a play. The phrase is in refrence to Hall of Fame Phillies third baseman Mike Schmidt, who has 10 gold gloves, his number retired, and probably the best third baseman to ever play the game of baseball. It seems to be used even if the play was impossible to complete. Even for Schmidt.

The Phillies have never really had a great third baseman since the retirement of Schmidt, with the exception of Scott Rolen, who could be the next Schmidt.
Harry Kalas: And David Wright hits a ground ball over to Wes Helms, and he's...juggling the ball, and, he'll have no throw. Oh boy, Schmidty would have had it.

Gary Matthews: Yeah, not exactly a...rouTINE ground ball, but one that he should handle. But yeah, schmidty would have had it.


Scott Franske: And stepping to the plate, Andruw Jones. Here comes the pitch from Hamels, and WOOOOOOH and the ball is lined right into the face of Greg Dobbs! And woah he's not going to make a play!

Larry Anderson: Yeah ball hit right to the face of Dobbs, but like we all say, schmidty would have had it.
by Ballantine August 29, 2007
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