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noun - a person who alternately switches between homosexual and heterosexual orientation over a period of time. Not the same as a bisexual, who has a long term attraction to both sexes. Schizosexuals are normally bi-curious females who can't decide what they want.
Schizosexual: "OMG!! Thinking about Dane gets me so wet!"
Female Bisexual: "You know Dane rams men's bottoms right?"
Schizosexual: "Do you think he will ram mine?"
Female Bisexual: "You're not a man, and I thought you were gay anyway?"
Schizosexual: "Nah. Tits don't do it for me anymore. I need a nice, big cock inside me."
Female Bisexual: "Nice."
Schizosexual: "Hey, you wanna come up for a night cap?"
by SafferRoach August 31, 2011
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