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Despite the overall physical condition of Terry Schiavo, Randall Terry pro-life decided to stick his foot in the matter and screamed to the press how Terry was being murdered by the State. Even though the now politicized matter was punted to the judiciary, the damage had already been done; this bi-partisan slimy football will figure in the elections of '06 and '08. Therefore, the definition follows

Any attempt to subvert and negate base spousal rights through whatever means available, whether they are political or religion based, to further your own agenda, without regard to the person or persons so affected or the existence under which they presently dwell.

Insistence of accepting only the facts of a situation that fit your paradigm, ignoring any anomalies that may impugn the aforementioned so as to further the above.
Senator, the 23 strokes have left the patient brain dead. What shall we do?

Find a way to schiavo them.......and make sure you can blame someone will make for good press coverage so we can get more free name recognition for the next election!
by IronBrand April 04, 2005
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