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the idea of a mass slaughter of scene kids that claim to be "straight edge" and "vegan" when in reality they do it for attention.

started sunday, july 29th, 2007, in the small town of north haven ct, by charles m. christoforo, age 16.

the idea came after reading several blogs on myspace, in which "scene" boys and girls ranted about how much they hated people who eat meat, and how much they hate people who drink and smoke. charles began the attack on these blogs, and then finally started this movement.

the ideals of sceneocide include the use of common sense and facts to eliminate ignorance. if need be the use of violence to wipe out people who are scene. scene people do things as a trend, real people do things as a lifestyle. veganism/vegetarianism, straight edge, bi sexuality, are all lifestyles, that are being devalued by scene boys and girls. in an effort to rid the world of this, sceneocide was started.
boy 1: hey nice hot topic gear
boy 2: fuck off i got this at a show
boy 1: o well do you like dr. acula?
boy 2: in the name of sceneocide, i must slay you

boy 1 was killed
by xcharlesx August 30, 2007
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