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Being against a particular "scene", or youth subculture, such as straightedge or emo, because you are closeminded.

Sceneism against the emo scene is very common, or is at least more publicized.

It's a new form of racism, except everyone's white, listens to music that is different from another scene, and dresses differently.

Note: Sceneism, or the scene card, cannot be claimed by posers belonging to one scene. You know who you are.
Sceneism is why people call me a gothtard.
by xemobutnotdepressedx May 19, 2007
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A polytheistic religion in which you worship multiple scene kings and queens.

ie: Audrey Kitching, Oliver Sykes, Alex Evans, Kiki Kannibal.
If you're fake, (a poser) or a tool, you'll be shunned from this 'religion'.
Places of worship:, and local shows; including hardcore/crunkcore/powerpop bands. Remember, you don't have to know these bands, they just have to have cool band names and cool hair.
Girl: "OMGZ! I love Audrey Kitching, she's like a God. I'm going to convert to scene-ism."
Boy: "You're cool."
by CindySarcasm and NuclearNoah November 30, 2009
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