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many, many people dipleased me. somedays, i choose a topic and read all about it on UD, trying to gather as much public influence on it as possible. one night, i wanted to look up information on the scene culture, as it is a rather varied and interesting subculture. what i found were definition after definition of hates and criticism toward the scene culture. i myself am semi-scene. i wear eyeliner the whole way around my eye, flat shoes, patterned shirts, and i go to venues. but, my hair is long and natural blonde, and i type regularly. i find that i can easily fit into the scene crowd without having a myspace thats got 47893890349 profile veiws. and so what if i like dinosaurs? i've played with them since i was five. so did you, dont lie.

and all this rambling does in fact have a point.

that UD is very confused and judgemental on this subject. it appears that a set dress code and mindset are stamped to scensters, in your minds anyway. please, reconsider this? that emo ALL wear argyl, plaid, converse, ect. goths? tripp pants, conbat boots, the like. no matter what you are, you have a basic way of dressing. there is no scene uniform. scenes are just as individual as everyone else.

also, scenes seemed to be veiwed as arrogant, concieted, and hypocritical. any person could be that way. often, preps are seen as snotty and stuck up. does that make THEM scene? being rude and self-centered is not a scene quality, its human.

scene mistaken. read nearly ANY of the other scene definitions for a completely wrong and misguided veiw.
by silvercigarettes. November 17, 2006
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