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(n). another term for coon tails.
used because coon tails are generally only sported by kids in the scene culture.
scene girl: look i put a coon tails in my extensions!
boy: haha, you mean your scene tails?
scene girl: shut up! i'm not scene.
boy: ya rite.
by Chelsea Challenge April 04, 2009
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The pointless pigtail-like hairdo scene girls with short inverted haircuts sometimes sport. The only way it's like regular pigtails is because it consists of two ponytails. Instead of being on either side of the head they are located at the bottom of the back of the head a couple inches apart.
l: dammit,i need a haircut again
d: why?
l: lol idk
l: ehhh i dunno
l: i might grow it out some
l: i always say that htough
l: then i chop it all off
d: hahah
d: as long as you can have pigtails I won't mind ; hahah
l: hahaa i can only have scenetails
d: those're still acceptable.
by loregore November 23, 2006
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Scene girls aren't usually seen with this, but it is often seen on a windy day. The scene girl does her normal ratting, teasing, backcombing, etc, to her hair, and gathers the extensions underneath into a ponytail. The result is a noticeable poof, with a ponytail in the back and bangs hanging down where the sideburns usually would be. Scene girls do this to save their hair from getting destroyed in the event that a hurricane is going on outside and they need to go somewhere, because it allows them to take out the ponytail and have their hair look exactly the same as before.
girl 1:"haha look at sarah's pathetic scenetail!"
girl 2: "stfu it's so her hair won't get ruined. i happen to like it !"
girl 1: "is there any way she could ruin her hair more ?"
by SHYLASK3L3T0R July 27, 2008
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