A hair extension or dyed piece of hair, usually about 5cm wide with horizontal stripes in 2 different colours going down it. Looks a bit like a racoons tail, hence the name.

Scene kids often get them with brown & bleached stripes down the lengths of their scene hair.
"Those fuzzy hats with the coonskin tail look just like Meagle Murder Massacre Brutal Fgt Chaos Brutal's new coon tails!"
by Author is missing. April 28, 2007
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A section of someone's hair that is horizontally striped any two different colours. Much like that of a raccoon's tail.
"Did you see Leigh's got a coon tail? I think it looks pretty ace, not everyone could pull off hair like that."
by Lee Alexandra September 20, 2007
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sneaking up behind someone and choking them out with a dirty coon tail
Bitch you finna get coon tailed!!”
by Coontail July 10, 2021
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The tail of a raccoon. Think Davy Rocket hat minus the part that goes on your head.
Yeah those little fuckers kept rummaging through my trash cans. Picked em’ off with an air rifle and now I got some fresh coon-tails.
by Barry B. Buttsauce September 24, 2021
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