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A scene kid who is a complete and utter weenie, and goes from show to show with their butt-jeans and weird hair, spending their parents' money on shitty shit.
Sarah and Abbey are going to an All That Remains Dying Of The Fetusmother show. they bummed money off of their parents so they could get in and also buy t-shirts and EPs. they brought their camera phones so they can take myspace pictures. They wear the admission bracelets for five days afterwards. They are sceenie weenies.
by Natey October 05, 2007
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Prepubescent scene kids. Usually girls. Typically found in large packs in malls, parks, schools, or even venues.
Look at that crowd of sceenie weenies giggling at us. They're all so tiny and cute!
by Zomboi January 20, 2009
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