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stands for "small brain as ushe (pronounced 'yuge')." often refering to girls who act stupid.
Wow Gail, you are being such a sbau.
by sbau motha fucka December 20, 2006
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-pronounced "sbow"

Small Brain as Ushe (usual). Refers to the more idiotic half of the female gender. Theyre usually the ones that rant about how they got their hair and nails done, and 99% of them have been known to be "speakers-before-thinkers." You know what I'm talking about, the one's that ask the DUMBEST questions. They are indigenous to everywhere and walk among us as normal human beings. But dont be fooled, they have smaller brains.

Sbau's shouldnt be allowed to vote
by SbauHolocaust January 23, 2008
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