something you say to somebody when you don't really give a shit about their story. this is a phrase usually used when somebody else won't shut the fuck up about something you don't give a fuck about. you usually let them talk for a little while but when they get to the point of being annoying, that's when you tell them, "Say I swear to God." In short, it's just another way to let somebody else know you don't care. When you tell them to say "I swear to God," they usually get the message right away after saying "I swear to God," and shortly afterwards realizing that it means you don't care.
Melissa: Cancun was so awesome! We were at the bar every night! We met totally hot guys! One night we all danced on the bar after we did like, 20 jelly shots apiece! And then Jill made out with some guy who was like, 35 years old! We were all dying laughing! It was so funny!

Me: No way! Say I swear to God! (in a cocky ass, sarcastic manner)

Melissa: I swear to God! (realizing you don't care)
by TwanDiggity August 09, 2005
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