sax0r is hard to define.

It is a literary art form, used primarily on IRC. It is generally used to bait a 'newbie', to aggravate them, and generally confuse them. It is also often used to annoy the regular members of an IRC channel.

It can also be used as a verb, i.e. to sax0r somebody. Which is to basically do as described above.

Sax0r was first made famous when some guy released an IRc script that made lods of 'sax0r' available to the average user. This lead to a steady decline in the art of sax0r.

Some of the phrases included in the aforementioned script, were;

- is a aop see to me i will sutup but if you seit to my i will sey u are the ultimate sucker kid!
- addd to schitlist edgar ! \Eof
- why you such a comiker he ?
It is hard to give examples of specific sax0r, as it is a widely varied thing. Everyone interprets and uses it differently. But when used as a verb, it goes something like this, "Haha, I sax0red him good!"
by nostrich January 5, 2005
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