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Sawiyya is one hell of a person. She might seem quite at first, but once you get to know her, she is loud and funny. She loves family and friends. A Sawiyya can be annoying at times if she's in that mood. She's really really smart, whenever she ain't lazy. You might see Sawiyya outside, with her friends, online, or playing the game. Unlike other girls, she is different and will stand out compare to most people. Mainly because of her beauty and voice. And be careful, she has an evil side..... Sawiyya's have a weird taste in music, a good sense in swag, and true friends. She isn't interested in every guy she sees, but when she is, she won't stop thinking of him. In the end, she is fun-loving, laid back and a cool girl.
by USZAFBSU May 26, 2018
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