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Without fear of consequences.

(Often used lightly in common situations)

(Not to be confused with "Beast Mode"

1. Like "Rage", A temporary state of mind causing one to act irrational and with no regard or remorse for other individuals.

2. Typically seen when one has often become overwhelmed with defeat or has exhausted all other reasonable attempts to achieve a goal.

3. Having no filter (verbal)
Guy: "move bro... I'm about to turn this motherf*****g classroom upside"

Friend: "dude you're already on thin ice with the principal and your parents. One more write up and that's it for your college tuition!"

Guy: "screw that! I've been nice all week and Kevin's really been trying my patience and everybody just sides with him... F*** them and that Tuition money!!! ...I'm in Savage mode !!!
by Dsgblack March 20, 2017
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