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A free to download MMORPG and FPS game where you can be either player and help your multiplayer team or you can command a team of either human or beast to glory. This game is rated higher then Counter-strike by 99% of game-magazines and became a freeware in 2005. Type "Savage the battle for newerth download" into google to download the game along with SFE(Savage-full-enhancement). Savage 2 will be released any-time now but it wont be free- well for a year at least. It's a multiplayer game so if you have NO CONNECTION TO THE INTERNET THERE IS NO OFFLINE MODE!!! AND IF YOU ARE NOT FROM EUROPE, AMERICA OR SE ASIA DO NOT INSTALL IN UNLESS YOU HAVE SUPER FAST BROADBAND...
savage the battle for newerth is 100 times better then CS and I played both... It's also hack-proof.
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