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Sault (Soo) vision is a terrible visual effect claiming the dignities of many men. It is acquired from spending too much time in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. Due to the lack of good looking girls, your vision adjusts to make ugly broads appear hot. Once leaving "the Soo", your vision readjusts and you realize that hot broad you slayed was actually a troll preying on men effected by Soo Vision. Before engaging in any act with a broad from "The Soo", it is advisable to request the approval from a minimum of 3 bro's. Without it, you risk a nasty surprise upon leaving the city.
Ben: "bro that broad I banged last weekend in the Soo was a fucking rocket. Brandon: " man are you kidding? She was barely a 4! You must be under the influence if Sault Vision"
by Soo Vision Victom January 06, 2014
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