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Saucy pumps are the magical hip thrusts the male makes after orgasm during coitus. After ejaculating into the female, he uses his own man sauce as a lubricant. This creates a wormhole in the vagina that leads to Valhalla, in which the male may feel sensations that his penis is being vandalized by a cornucopia of Valkyries noble enough for Odin's table in the best way. Often times, the sensation is so great that the male returns to a prime state of engorgement and may continue to pound himself (and herself) into a realm in which only divine beings and people who have taken a lot of DMT have reached.
D: Yo dude I got saucy pumps last night..
B: NO WAY? How was it?
D: I saw Jesus drinking das boot with Adolf Hitler and Tom Hanks.
by onewiththesauce November 16, 2014
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