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Most sannidhya’s are amazingly friendly and are really easy to get along with. These names are mainly given to boys. If you ever get to meet a sannidhya, you’re a very lucky person as they’re people with the best personalities. Some of these people may be a bit judgemental in the inside but they’re truthful and careful about what they say. They never ever would want to hurt anyone’s feelings and they’re very fragile. They’re very talented in instruments especially the guitars, they’re also amazing singers, if you ever get the chance to hear one’s voice, you’re blessed. By chance, if you ever get to date a sannidhya, you’re relationship would last a lifetime, they are very loyal people and very trust worthy. Keep in mind if ever meet these people, you are extremely lucky to have a friend like a sannidhya.
Person 1: got any ideas on what to do now?
Person 2: lets meet up with my friend sannidhya
Person 1: no thanks
Person 2: trust me, he’s great
by Alexa Bond January 14, 2018
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