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a general random person; someone who's name you would not know; someone who's identity isn't of importance or use to a story you are telling; a hypothetical person like "bob" or "joe"... like a john doe. just a general "random" or "no namer".
if a sam random gave you a beer, it was just someone at the party that you don't even really know and probably don't care to know either
Who gave you that beer?
Response: I don't know, just some sam random.

Yo, I was at the park the other day, and I saw these sam randoms sniffing birth control and I thought to myself "someone's going to be missing some pills=babieeees!"

Who told you bobby had a threesome last weekend? (that's pretty sweet)
Response: Honestly, I wouldn't even remember who... just some sam random.
by sexy farmer March 28, 2007
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