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1. to Salty Pigeon - verb.
to masterbate to completion (See: ejaculate, jizz, cum) from a position of elevation onto an object/person below you, e.g a car bonnet.

A salty pigeon can occasionally be accompanied by a birdlike squawk at the time of ejaculation.

2. Salty Pigeon shit - the pile of jizz left at the crime scene of a salty pigeon.
Example 1. Fabien, recently released from the infamous Hooper sex dungeon, climbed the nearest tree he could find and proceeded to salty pigeon all over Stu's Ferrari parked below him.

Example 2.

Sebastian: "Andy, a quick story, this one time I was wanking (with matron's help) on the balcony and I gave Lady Martha a lovely hairful of Salty Pigeon on the floor below. Banter!"
Andy: "No wonder she friend zoned you!"
by thebigman May 24, 2014
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