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noun- a leathery, crotchety, seasoned firefighter that believes he/she is God's gift to creation due to his/her experience and knowledge gained while working in the greatest profession on earth. AKA: the best job in the world.

noun- a disorder suffered by firefighters, sometimes called "Salty Jake Syndrome".

Signs and symptoms of being a salty jake are the following :

1. Crusty, dented, scorched helmet (suddenly appears after 1 year on the job)
2. Dirty, stinking Bunker Gear with rips and tears all over
3. Sudden appearance of station uniforms resembling a domicile challenged individual
4. White officer devices that suddenly, over night, become charred and covered in soot
5. Waxing poetically about rubber coats and hip boots, (In spite of the fact of not being on the job when they were worn)
6. Entitlement attitude (this job owes me)
7. All stories begin with; "We had a Job", "Remember how it used to be", "This is how we do it here", "That company sucks", etc......
8. And the ultimate sign - a bushy mustache
My Knowledge of the fire service has been forever expanded by the vast influence of the salty jakes that I work with.
by A salty fireman November 21, 2013
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