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A large cactus like object where small cobra commanders forge alliances with medium sized treaties. It is often said that if found you are most likely infected by crazy or experiencing the "high". Do not attempt to go crazy or get the high or you might find yourself loosing sight of your objective, which is to find the salivatwat. Many have tried and many have died. If found please contact the police at 9-1-1, for you may need immediate medical help.

Others beleive that if one finds the salivatwat then you may be given the chance to suck the poison from the cactus needles in exchange for virginity. Virginity is not neccesarily a desired trait but some beleive that if they get it back after commonly lost in sex, then they may also loose their STDs and the baby they are expecting. Sadly for them, they are wrong.
EX. 1. Holy shit its a salivatwat!

Person 2: Dude your fucking high as balls. (laughs histerically.
by Fliperdo June 01, 2010
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