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The art of downpitching pop songs, putting a couple of heavy synths on it, and mixing it with some heavy warm echoing effects to make it dramatically depressing but joyfull to listen to when you are a hipster.

Originally invented by Salem, a male prostitute that is using this technique on every song he makes. Thus calling it salemifying of songs.

Not only is Salem hated by evey reviewer for his easy but sophisticated approach, he also created a tiny cult of bedroom-producers who try to recreate his sound, but often fail miserably due to the lack of experience in gay prostitution.
how the critics respond to salemified tracks: "Salem is an example of a shit producer, we as reviewers are jelly that he is semi-populair with downpitching songs, everyone with half a brain can do this! . rating: 1 out of 10"
by anon-chan November 01, 2012
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