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such a fucking loser
can also be written SAFL

pronounced "safl"
draw out the "a" as needed
-"that guy's a safl"
-"what fucking music is this? it's like he put the ipod on safl"
-"what are some examples of STDs?" "...chlamydia" "...SAFLis"
by bravos92 June 01, 2010
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Saturday Afternoon Football League originated in the Ozaukee County of Wisconsin. Consists of two vs two teams. Single point touchdowns. Win by 2. No kick-offs, start with ball on opposite endline.
Sam-"Hey, are you gonna be at SAFL this week?"
Michael-"Ya of course I will be."
Michael-"The Bears suck"
by dabearsuck July 02, 2009
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