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Refers to a wasteman or wastegash who, contrary to the criterion of wastemannery or wastegashery, possesses some glimmers of prospect and potential for success. The safewaste is a rare social anomaly, commonly residing among university communities, who annoys those more proactive and motivated than himself during times of unexpected achievement, while conversely making them feel purposeful and focused during his usual aura of sloth.

Although he will not reach the heights of success that many of his colleagues will experience, he continues to bathe in his own filthy failings of academic obligation until it becomes so unbearable he is reluctantly motivated to work. This minimal level of effort will prove sufficient, even if only for the short term.

They are essentially any lazy bastard who obscures their intelligence and ability through indolence and hedonistic tendencies (typically funded by overdrafts and student finance) with the myopic attitude that they'll make up for their failings next term.
"Can't believe that safewaste beat me in the exam, all he does is cotch like a leper."

Industrious Individual 1: "Mate, it's 5pm and Franky just got up."
Industrious Individual 2: "Yeah man, he's such a lazy fuck. Although to be fair, he made like £200 peddling Miaow Miaow last night."
Industrious Individual 1: "Shit, that's some fucking business acumen. Bare safewaste."
by safewaste09 December 05, 2009
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