When two computers want to have sex with each other (and not catch a virus), they must enter safe mode before proceeding with the act. Otherwise, the computers could Blue Screen and completely mess up their hard drive.

(This definition applies only to computers running Windows. Mac/Linux users need not worry about safe mode before letting their computers have sex).
Press F8 while your computer is booting up to enter safe mode. Then do whatever you want with it (you sick bastard).
by shadoxx January 5, 2006
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Safe Mode loads basic computer files like The Main Part of the O.S, when you’re computer is infected with spyware/Malware. Entering Safe mode only loads basic drivers. So no Viruses!!!! But you will find all sorts of random strange things like it’s not possible for Regular Computing. And the only games are Microsoft Solitaire And Minesweeper. It can be activated at start up by mashing f4 (Possible Changed to f8)
Windows Safe Mode
by NovMan1EP March 8, 2021
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