Sael is an awesome guy that knows how to make people laugh. He is loyal, generous, and handsome. Although sometimes shy, a Sael will always stand up for what he believes in and for his friends.
Wow, I really wish I had a Sael to defend me right now.

Don't make me get my Sael after you.
by ctjm2010 July 15, 2010
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A nice guy who will be the only one is your Hypixel Bedwars lobby with a ZeroTwo skin (jk)

No hard feelings to you my guy. Enjoy :)
by Hxmiiid June 02, 2020
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The coolest, most handsome, with the biggest dick, the richest the goat. Sael il THE guy everybody wants to be
Sael doesn't miss 💯
by saouljad June 16, 2020
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Two big dick dudes.

aka mermaid man & barnacle boy
Both strong enough to defeat shaggy with a snap.
Cool as fuck
girl 1: Boy, those sael bro’s are f*cking epic.
girl 2: I heard they are immortal.
girl 3: I want to love them so bad .😫
girl 1: I love the Emo one way more.
girl 3: The sporty one can shoot his shot at me anytime.
by ihaveneverliedinmylife February 16, 2019
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