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An original Paul Krugman coining: A groundless economic strategy that explains the nature of the Austerians wherein said Austerians have thrown analysis out the window in favor of a peculiar form of wishful thinking. What’s peculiar about this wishful thinking is that it doesn’t consist of fantasies about the existence of easy, painless solutions; it consists of fantasies about the absence of easy solutions, even when the evidence says very clearly that such solutions exist. Instead of a weak-minded search for pleasure without pain, it’s a search for reasons to inflict pain regardless of the actual economic situation.
Sadomonetarism is: Curtailing spending on food stamps for the needy.
Sadomonetarism is: Curtailing Unemployment insurance for those seeking employment.
Sadomonetarism is: Curtailing access to help with health costs.
Sadomonetarism is: Curtailing spending on the needy generally.
Sadomonetarism is: I got mine. You're on your own, Jack.
by A Krugtron Mole November 21, 2013
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