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The red raw rubbing of the scrotom by over exuberant ball bags, usually found when running or shagging unfeasibly fast - like a minx!
"Anybody got any vaz, or knacker talc as me sack rash is buzzin'"
by Helmet Licker September 06, 2006
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The rash that forms upon a ball sack when it has (a) been scratched too much by its owner and a red rash occurs or (b) had way too much sackslappage from a previous sexual encounter or (c) has been subjected to some nasty as diseases to which the owner deserves the full mite of the sack rash for gong there in the first place.
Jim: Damn man ive got the mega sackrash going on I just cant stop scratching my balls they are so sore and itchy they feel like they're on fire!!

Matt: well it serves you right for rooting that STD infested Hoe you should get that checked out or your balls mite drop off or something
by A white guy with an Afro March 11, 2011
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