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A phrase used by the elite few, whom were present upon its creation, to describe something as ghastly as burning your car down or as fantastic as winning 100 million dollars.
The magic of the phrases dual meanings is in the pronunciation of the phrase entirely!
This term was founded and altered throughout the year of 2011-2012 in British Columbia, Canada.
Reports of this phrase being used by the legends whom created it from abbotsford, big white ski resort, salmo and various other regions of the fraser valley.
"DUDES! I won the lottery 100 million dollars!!! SACDARANK!!!!!"

"DUDES!!! It was a fake ticket!!! Fuck everyone of you!!! SACDARANK!!!

Also used by the legends as a song of chant at shambhala, "Sacdarank! Sacdarank! Sacdamother fuckin rank!!!"
by chode sandwich December 28, 2012
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