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Sabylla is a person that is angel on the outside but demon on the inside, most people will find her attractive and is very nice in front of adults. However when no one is looking she is a very well known as a pain in the ass. She is also very good at deceiving people. Her identity from the teacher’s point of view is a good graded intelligent teacher’s pet. But on the other people that is not close to her is someone who does not get any punishments a person you will regret being close with and will steal and will and has denied every now and then. It is a person that is discriminating against boys. When ever an incident will happen she will act very innocent and get away with it. She will also sometimes abuse people for no good reason. The smartest thing to do once met is do not be that close but do not be her enemy you will regret both
Wow she told on us for eating in class, she is such a Sabylla
Uhh so annoying! #Sabylla
She got good grades but she doesn’t even know the basics, what a lucky sabylla
by 4n0n0m0u5 May 27, 2018
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