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The coolest, most down to earth person alive. Sabria is the type of person to lighten up the mood, and is a great guest for parties. Sabria's are intelligent and know pretty much anything. Everyone loves a Sabria for their talent, wit, and class. Always stay friends with a Sabria.
Is that Sabria? Dude I need to meet her!
by the Hundreds Master July 12, 2013
encourager, to inspire
my original name is sabrina but God changed my name to Sabria and the meaning God gave me was: encourager, to inspire. That was given to me by the HOLY SPIRIT!!!
by Ladi Sabria B.K.A Sabrina Levi December 01, 2006
The Sabria is a sarcastic species, noted mostly for its tendencies towards vulgar language in highly inappropriate circumstances. Careful surveillance of the creature shows that common behaviors include unnecessary hair flipping and over exaggerated facial expressions. Grazing off the nectar known as Monster Energy in its natural habitat of the skate park, the Sabria is considered by many to be a pest. But such people are encouraged to shuv a pole so far up their asses that they shall need surgery to remove it :)
A person who makes poor decisions on the spur of the moment, but regrets nothing.

Wow that idiot just got a penis tattooed on their head...must be a Sabria
by Cock Blaster May 15, 2012
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