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Sabrewu1f is a suspected sexual predator on the quakenet irc network.

Sabrewu1f, or SBR as he is known, will use a variety of tricks to groom his targets.

SBR has been known to pose as a young girl in order to attract unsuspecting male victims, although his attention is not limited to males.

SBR's attitude often appears to be misogynistic.
Example (1)
Jan 26 22:09:24 * Sabrewu1f is now known as Sabryna

Example (2), (note, in this example, SBR trys to confuse matters by choosing a name similar to another girl(?) already in channel.)

Jan 17 14:02:23 <Ni-Cryst>
Jan 17 14:02:24 <BlipBot> Title: Nickel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jan 17 14:02:29 * Sabrewu1f is now known as Ni-Crystina
Jan 17 14:02:32 <Ni-Crystina> HI!

by Slainchild February 13, 2009
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