I am Tim Seely the creator of the S Scale

The S Scale is a scale i personally use for rating females on what i call "the pie"
The pie has 3 "slices" the first is LOOK, because guys no matter what you still want a hot girlfriend and never say that its personality because you don't even care about their personally if they're really ugly, PERSONALITY is the second slice and this is second most important for obvious reasons. the third is SMELL which may seem farfetched but yes it makes sense it is really more of a what they look like they smell unless you can actually get a whiff
Each of the three slices are something from a
1-10 scale like if a saw a really hot girl tried to talk to her and she acted like a bitch then i would put her at a 8, 3, 7 but those numbers can influence a total amount that isn't really a total of the three just the last part is the three and your gut feeling too.

5 - 0: Look away. Quickly. This person is probably 500+ pounds overweight, has OCD and other dysfunctions, and is against showers.
0 - 5: Don't talk to her
5 - 10: You can talk to her, but only for a few seconds, i.e. "can you move over a little, I need to sit here"
10 - 15: You can talk to her a little more, i.e. "hey pass me that pencil
15 - 20: You can be friends
20 - 25: You can be hugging friends
25 - 30: You can flirt with her, but not date her.
30+: You can date her
NOTE: bi-chicks that think your hot get 50 points automatically
"wow man that girl is a full pie, geez she looks like an 8,7,9 wow!!!"


"someone ate her pie, that fat bitch gets 2s across the board"
by Tim Seely April 24, 2004
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similar to above with good examples tho
"Christ, she fills up the S Scale"

"don't look now but there's a 0 S Scale coming our way"
by Tim Seely December 20, 2004
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