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The faculty with the most innovative, faced-paced, and challenging degree programs at Ryerson University.

Contrary to popular stereotypes that Ryerson is a "high school", the Engineering degree very much entails a curriculum obviously only found in higher education institutions.

Engineering students can usually be found drowning in work, unable to attend parties, whining about their GPA, and not engaged in romantic relationships with other students.
Person 1: He goes to Ryerson University.
Person 2: Lol I bet he's a dumbass
Person 1: Actually no, he's in Ryerson Engineering. I got mad respect for him.

Non-eng student: Hey girls! There's a party tonight. Wanna come?
Girls: Sorry, we're engineering students.
Non-eng student: ...Oh okay, maybe some other time I guess ;)
Girls: Probably not.
by ct_pmc October 15, 2017
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