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What every closeted divorced man over 40 is looking for: A waiter/bartender, between the ages of 21-25, not super bright, twink, short blond hair, blue eyes, that works at the bar he frequents. He has no friends, but thinks he is cool because a young queer boy who are in their 20's is interested in him (his money). Once he gets the twink to go hime with him, he has the twink rim his ass while giving him a reach around. The old man is so excited to have the young queer eat his asshole that he becomes incapable of containing himself and releases his fecal matter all over the twink's face.
Twink 1: "That old creepy guy at the end of the bar is always here staring at us. I think he's trying to get a Rusty Server."

Twink 2: "Hell, he looks rich enough, I'll go for it! I'll even fuck him raw and give him the virus as a thank you gift; after he buys me all the clothes and games that I want, that is."
by temnorepice August 11, 2015
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