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A russiaboo is anyone who is obsessed with Russia and Russian culture. Very similar to a slavaboos but more in-depth. Derives from weeaboo because like weeaboo, a russiaboo is insanely obsessed with Russia.

They generally act like they are from Russia. Using shitty grammar and adding unneeded Russian words. You will commonly find them in international clubs. European based websites and a horrid app. Called ifunny.
They are usually teens and preteens. Who have no idea what Russia even is and believe Putin is the greatest human ever.
"Da! I am of Russian decent. I am of going to joinings the rossiyan armies when I grow up. Slava ROSSIYA!!"

"Dude your such a russiaboo"

"Nyet! I am of actually rossiyan you suka blyat!"
by Mikhailyo June 14, 2016
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