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A rushnock is manuever performed in the sport of Hockey. A rushnock is established when a player deflects or "knocks" the puck into his own goal therefor providing a goal or point for the opposing team. A rushnock is the most atrocious action executed in the sport of hockey. If you ever manage to accomplish such a herrendous act you most significantly will be a great discrace to the rest of your team and the sport of hockey forever and it will never be forgotten. In some cases to even speak of a rushnock is strictly forbidden and will not go unpunished.
Example 1:

Person: So how was the game last night?

Person 2: We lost! One of our players had a rushnock last night and it made us lose.

Example 2:

AWWW MAN! That was the worst rushnock I ever seen now were going to lose!
by The Word Creator April 24, 2009
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