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(n.) sex god; the one and only divine entity who is known to have invented the act of coitus/copulation.

Mythology talks of the first man stuffing holes in trees with vegetables till he was made to find the apple tree. But there was one problem; there was no woman to pluck the apples and gain wisdom of man's true nakedness. There was only one thing for the trickster Rushnaf to do: make a woman. But since he was too busy making love to a woman, he refused. Therefore, the apple is still stuck in Adam's throat, and all women still do not gain wisdom of man's true nakedness. They're too busy with venerating the god Rushnaf. This is true for all religious books. I swear on Rushnaf.
There were fifteen hot girls in the sorority, and i went through three more. I am he! I am Rushnaf!
by The Dued September 22, 2013
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