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Rumson fair haven is a badass place to be educated, the students and faculty are absolutely reckless in the most incredibly positive way ever... It is the farthest thing from ethnically diverse in terms of the student body, and it rains money in rumson in particular. The diversity among the whites, however is definitiely apparent-- consisting in the form if ivy-league attending socialites, this year currently at around 15 attendees, to the waste-of-life students that are sent to reject states such as wyoming every year for rehab because of their psychotic, excessive drug use... Let us not, however, generalize... We can not possibly make the mistake of forgetting the band and color guards, and their pathetic attempts at what they call performances and entertainment. The audience is often conflicted with the.question of what is worse?? Boo-ing them off the beautifully turfed football field (here we go boiiiizzz) perhaps crushing their hearts, or even worse-- keeping quiet while they continue to embarrass themsleves with their out of tune tuba's and bizzarre uniforms that look more like halloween costumes..... Hahaha the football teamy took states this year, for the first time in HISTORY! We are legends!!!! Let's go dawgs!
by wherethefismyfriendmary December 21, 2010
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