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Alternatively known as a niche player.

A "rules player" is an individual in a workplace who creates (carves out) their own effective working space and flow based on their workplaces rules, policies, and protocols. A rules player can find multiple ways of completing tasks and could even manipulate loopholes in the workplace to their, or their clients advantage.

The opposite of a rules player is a "rules slave."
Let's say a company standard goal is the get the answer 10.
In order to reach that goal, the company says you should do 5+5, but never 9+1.
A "rules player" finds another way of reaching the goal by doing 8+2, or 7+3, or 4+6.
The "rules player" later discovers a loophole that says they can do 5x2, or 2.5x4.
A "rules slave" will not attempt to do anything except 5+5.
by jontaylors#1fan! November 21, 2015
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