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A suburb of west London in the London Borough of Hillingdon. Attractions include the Ruislip Lido and Ruilsip Woods. Bordered to the north by Eastcote, to the south by Northolt, and to the west by Ickenham and Uxbridge. This area, and much of west and north London was part of the county of Middlesex until 1965, when it ceased to exist, becoming only a postal region within London - Meaning that today Ruislip can be considered part of Middlesex or London, depending on the speaker. Close to Ruislip on the south side of Hillingdon sits London Heahtrow Airport.
I live in Ruislip, it's an OK place to live.
by TellK April 03, 2007
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A leafy suburb in Middlesex, best known for the mischevous soft porn novel, Tropic of Ruislip, detailing goings on that in my whole childhood in the place I never heard of so maybe it is pure fantasy though mind you there are some rum goings on in the parties thrown by Ruislip yoof. Mentioned in the Domesday book as the leafy abode of "pigges and varlets" and possessing a "ponde" which is still there next to the library. Also known for Ruislip Lido where the movie The Young Ones was made and Cliff Richard who starred in it sang a song with the blue water for backdrop same blue water I used to paddle in and build sandcastles on the shore of when I went there with my mum which we did by getting the 158 bus. There is also Ruslip woods good for rambling and courting but watch out for flashers! "In Ruislip Woods lurk perves, afoot and jagged wi' nerves" - Lord Byron, Rambles in the Brambles, 1868. In Ruislip High Street are several olde world shops including an olde tea shoppe though maybe these days it has been taken over by Starbucks. There is also a Clarkes shoe shop where I bought my first winkle pickers which mightily pissed off the teachers in my school. And so much, so much! Writing this makes me realise I was formed by Ruislip sometimes I even dream of going back there but then again I never will, not really. Still it's well worth a visit. For a full blast of it Betjemenesque power go to Ruislip Manor and wander through the suburban side roads till you get to the main part which was where the Normans had a castle or a keep or summat.
Ruislip. suburbs, pleasure, Lido, Cliff Richard
by Kate Bush October 04, 2006
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