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rug burned dick is a painful condition when romping a MILF with diminished lubrication in the pussy renders the joystick painful and the dude joyless.
Alternatively, it can also happen when banging a chick that is not clean shaven but sporting hair stubble galore in the nether stubble, which can be as painful for the moment but at least a real man can make her shave, while no pussy juice due to age is without remedy save extraneous oiling substances like coconut oil.
Chad_1: I have a rug burned dick last night. It still hurts, most painful rugburn on my dick ever!
Chad_2: Still banging the MILF with the teenager son next door?
Chad_1: Nope, I moved on to the babysitter I met last weekend but she wasn't expecting to give it up so it was way stubbly...pretty much much like a cactus with a hole.
by Cakelady_banger May 25, 2018
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