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A highly desirable state of mind in which one is intoxicated to the point that one is unable to articulately describe how intoxicated they are. Unlike crunk and tipsy, which are also desirable states of mind, it is believed that only one out of every ten thousand people have the constitution to be rrrurunt. Being rrrrurunt is especially popular in the Dirty South where house parties of up to several hundred people get ready for a rrrurunt watch, which means that the conditions are favorable for someone to get rrrurunt, however, when there is a rrrurunt warning, it means that someone has been sighted getting rrrurunt.

The term rrrurunt can also be used to describe a multitude of other words, having the versatility to appear in sentences where you would find the words: crunk, tipsy, nasty, drunk, fucked up, durty, blazed, fuck, or other words that follow the same type of meaning.
Yo my man, what are you up to tonight?

Nigga I'm getting rrrrurunt as a motha fucka, you know how I do.

Yo, you see that bitch over there?

The one that's hella rrrrurunt?

Yeah, that one

by Josh Richmond June 24, 2006
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