Very sensitive and quite smart. She will be a tomboy and wear hoodies and jeans quite a lot. She cares about everyone and their feelings. She is always fighting her own battle.
Wow that girl is so Roxy!
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by D3NKI November 04, 2019
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aka perc 30's, is a perscription drug usually perscribed to people in severe and long-term pain. It is very small and circular. Different types: A215- light blue, M30- white (usually a little thicker than normal), V1248- aqua or teal in color. It differs from percocet 5, 7.5, and 10 because it has no acetametophin (tylenol) in it, thus a perfect candidate for snorting. Many heroin addicts will crush, mix with water and inject it. It causes the consumer to feel very good, but can also make someone very irritable.
Yo man, can i come get a roxy? I just feel like chillin' today.
by JC's d.o.c September 04, 2011
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A:Check out this cool bot!
B:Meh, its not a Roxy.
by Kryptos123 April 30, 2021
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Abbreviated street slang referring to 30mg instant release roxicodone pill. Also known as blues since the color of the pill is blue. The term roxy board shirts is internet and social media code for someone looking to buy the pill.
Yo I got roxys for $30 hit me up.

Looking for some blue roxy board shorts, size 30.
by GalaxyMVP March 31, 2020
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A fat derpy pit bull with a licking problem and 3 double chins.
Really? You crapped on the floor AGAIN, Roxy??
by Boomshiqua Bagovanananah February 21, 2019
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noun: A horrible little pill that comes in 10 and 20 milligram doses. Doctors are starting to prescribe these in lieu of oxy's because of the increased difficulty of injection. If you do bang a roxy, prepare to get cotton sick.
Man, those stupid roxy's I shot an hour ago gave me cotton fever. Can I lie down on your couch and puke my insides out?
by CL Delicious March 05, 2005
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