Rowsats is a god who was created on Dec 26, 2004. He usually takes the form of a dragon. His followers typically pray to him in the form of wishes. Word of Rowsats grew quickly online, but he would still be considered a lesser god. Most of the growth took place in 2005, but in recent years growth has slowed.

As of 4/10/07 there are only about 240 results for Rowsats on google.
Worship me, for I am the great god Rowsats.
by Sasimoh April 10, 2007
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Rowsats is an egregore created from belief alone. Rowsats appears as a black serpent like dragon. Its goal is to bring more chaos and magick into the world. Rowsats will attempt to grant wishes.
by Rowsats January 02, 2005
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