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when you get jammed in a bowl of bad
Good day, and SIMMER DOWN Chris......your working with the BEST techs out here in the field, like ME (Naturally), Walter (Of Course), TONy S****s (100% dedicated to the crys and wimpers of you), Andy l****a (Don't keep callin me 20 times an hour, I got it the first time....BELIVE me..I'm workin on it...STOP CALLIN!!!), L****d D****s (I'm on vacation now but whatever you want I'm sure I could put the squeeze on Jeremy to do it after his initial teary eyed wimpers and sidestepping till he runs out of OBVIOUS options and then has to document all that in a Remedy ticket....before calling John Mogg) and then there is Chad R*****d, the shy type who gets the job done at whatever the CO$T$....We are all here to help each and everyone out in provisioning (At least some of us are..), so Chris, just keep callin on us to bail yourself out when you get jammed in a bowl of bad, rotten clam chowder,,,,We'll pull ya out and continue on with the tasks at hand so that "Your" (Chris ) precious service orders come out on time without a single dripping of Clam Juice on them and without having you pressure-cooker blood pressure rise up into the redline zone. We (Some) are all here to take care of eachother, which includes nervous, shaking provisioners as well. Thats why "MOST" of us outside guys work so, so well...To cover eachother out here, "Eachother" meaning "MOST" of us Field Techs.
by rick james beotch February 13, 2005
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